CMP Supporters


Jimmy Dillon
"When I was in high school I can tell you that playing the guitar was my salvation. I wish there had been more musical programs available, especially in the field of contemporary music. I am so pleased to be a part of California Music Project where I can give back and be a part of "passing it on" to the next generation of young musicians. Music education is something I feel is essential, and that it plays an important part in the development of our kids. We need more authentic originals, and keeping music education alive in our schools is an important part of this process."


Rick Holmstrom
"Some of my purest moments playing guitar were in after school guitar lessons taught by Ms. Rorro, my 3rd grade teacher. But this was a Catholic school in Fairbanks, Alaska, where the arts were celebrated. I'd hate to be a 3rd grader in a public school in California now, where it seems little effort is made to encourage kids to appreciate music. C'mon everybody, our kids could be the future Ellington's, Ray's, Cash's and Flea's!"



Michelle Shocked
"Every God-given child should have the right to music education in school, just like math, science and reading. The truth is that by denying children music and arts in school we are, in fact, leaving every child behind," said Michelle Shocked. "Parents and communities need to put pressure on every school board and legislator to make sure we don't let this continue."



Bonnie Raitt
"It's a shame that we are depriving so many California children of the benefits of music in schools. We all need to demand better of our school boards and legislators so every child has the chance to develop to their fullest with a well-rounded education including the arts."



The Red Hot Chili Peppers
"When I was a kid, the music education that I received via the public school system gave me sanctuary in an otherwise chaotic life. With music now cut from most California public school budgets, kids are being shortchanged from one of the most important parts of the education process, and for some kids like me, that music education means everything. I hope for all kids in California to have the opportunity for a music education."



Anna Nalick
"I was in school only a few years ago and I spent a lot of time doubting my ability to ever succeed as a professional musician because while every other career was touted as being entirely possible, being a musician was viewed as something that should be left behind with playing house. It wasn't until I took a course in college on career opportunities in the music industry that I realized that music is just as serious and just as complicated as a job in any other field. It is also just as possible as any other career goal. Unfortunately, kids like me were limited to self-education for almost the entirety of our schooling. I think that a child with a guitar should be taken just as seriously as a child with a toy doctor kit. I would have had a lot more confidence as a kid if I had a place to develop my talents instead of feeling like I was terrible at every subject because writing lyrics and music would get me nowhere."


"Music education in schools is not simply about training up the next generation of musicians. Its about offering young people the opportunity to express themselves through artistic discipline no matter what they grow up to be. By removing music from public schools we are short-changing future generations from reaching their potential and expanding their minds. And shortchanging them is like shortchanging us. Soon they will be the ones making the decisions about our lives."



T Bone Burnett

"While we grew up with the Three R's, the Greeks, to whom education was all about aesthetics, had the Three A's –Academics, Athletics, and the Arts, and believed that without any one of those three legs, an education would not stand. I'm grateful to the California Music Project for their fight to improve music education in the public schools. Thank you all for your generous support."



Bill Champlin

"Seeing what my son Will can do as a performer and songwriter makes me appreciate the value of music education. Everyone should have that opportunity."





Stephen Ball
Ballad Monger,
Music Teacher

"We all need music, just as we all need love and sunshine. I feel I'm able to open the door for young people I work with, and let them feel that warmth and light. Its wonderful to see them take those step's into sunshine."