Saturday December 10 , 2016
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San Diego

Russ Sperling is the Site Director in San Diego and an SDSU alumnus, and current Director of Visual and Performing Arts for Sweetwater Unified High School District. Russ has done an outstanding job of tailoring the program to meet the needs of the program recipients. Dr. Nan McDonald is SDSU, University Coordinator for this project and is assisted by Dr. Charles Friedrichs, SDSU (both SDSU alumni). Donna Conaty, Director of the School of Music and Dance at SDSU, coordinates funding for graduate students and serves as liaison to identifying other SDSU and San Diego area resources. Mr. Mark Nicholson, Instrumental Music Coordinator for San Diego Unified School District assists with placement of the students and Mentor Teachers.

Mentor Teachers working with CMP fellows have been teaching for an average of 10+ years, and several have been singled out for awards and special accolades.

Mentor Music Teachers:

  • Cameron Brown
  • Richard Opina
  • Harvey Tellinghuisen
  • Lisa Williams
  • Linda Logan
  • Steve Steinberg
  • Eric Mabrey
  • Charles Wolf
  • Danielle Bruce


Congratulations to CMP San Diego State University Fellows!:

  • Patrick Yanni
  • Mark Gonzales
  • Joel Ginsberg
  • Israel Torres
  • Paul Rendon
  • Aya Orozco

Fellow Supervisor:

  • Michael Gray - CMP Graduate Assistant

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CMP San Diego Spotlight


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