Saturday December 10 , 2016
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San Jose

In San Jose, the Project Director is SJSU Coordinator of Music Education, Dr. Diana Hollinger, who designed and piloted the Fellowship Project in 2006. Working with her in San Jose is Dr. Edward C. Harris, Director of the SJSU School of Music & Dance, and Maribel Martinez, Director of the Community Action Center. Craig McKenzie is the graduate assistant.

Mentor Teachers working with CMP fellows have been teaching for an average of 10+ years, and several have been singled out for awards and special accolades.

San Jose Area Schools and Mentor Music Teachers:

  • San Jose Public Schools and teachers
  • Silver Creek High School, Laura Longshore & Kira Dixon
  • Joseph George Middle School, Darci Shimabukuro
  • Monroe Middle School, Ari Brown
  • Burnett Middle School, Michael Gomez
  • Buchser Middle School, David Anderson
  • Independence High School, Ken Ponticelli
  • Homestead High School, John Burn
  • Pala Middle School, Ted Henderson
  • KIPP Heartwood Academy (JH), Amie Jan
  • Gunderson High School, Mary Hillman
  • Leland High School, Rian Rodriguez
  • Cabrillo Middle School, Dave Hibbert

Congratulations to CMP SJSU Fellows!:

  • Kerry Li - Trace Elementary School with Shelley MacAllister
  • Chris Olds - Monroe Middle School with Ari Brown
  • Eric Woodcock - Overfeldt High School with Michael Gomez
  • Keith Hunter - Homestead High School with John Burn
  • David Sanchez - Farnham and Sartorette Elementary Schools with Tiffany Barry
  • Barbara Ramos - Lowell Elementary

Fellow Supervisor

  • Matt Lane - CMP Graduate Assistant

CMP San Jose Testimonial


CMP San Jose Testimonial